Idiom:  new kid on the block


Idiom:  new kid on the block

  1. someone who’s recently arrived
  2. a novice; someone who's just learning something

Example sentences

— I can’t wait until the next intern starts working on Monday—I’m tired of being the new kid on the block.

— Did you see the new kid on the block? He's in my accounting class and he's really cute.

— The new kid on the block is actually my next-door neighbor. She's simply gorgeous.

— So you're the new kid on the block! Nice to meet you.

— When I was the new kid on the block I was so embarrassed because I moved from a small town and my clothes were completely out of style.

— Why don't you take these brownies to people who moved into the house up the street? I hear the new kid on the block is your age.

— I'm the new kid on the block but I know a lot of the kids in the neighborhood because they're also on the football team.

— How's the new kid on the block working out in accounting?

— The new kid on the block is already learning to do better note taking than employees who have been here for a few years.

— Don't underestimate the new kid on the block. His first article already showed excellent reporting skills.


  • new kid in town
  • babe in arms
  • Johnny-come-lately

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