Idiom:  neck and neck


Idiom:  neck and neck

  • at the same position or equal in a competition, race, etc.

Example sentences

— The horses are neck and neck as they come around the last turn to the finish line.

— We’re still neck and neck after playing this video game for the past four hours but we’re going to keep going until someone wins.

— Our company is neck and neck with the other main competitors in our industry so we've hired a new market director to try to get more of the market.

— After four suspense-filled sets, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are neck and neck in the fifth set tiebreaker.

— Our twins are always neck and neck in their swim races.

— The runners were neck and neck at the finish line so they are reviewing the tape to determine the winner.

— Our relay team was neck and neck with the leaders but my teammate dropped the baton and we were disqualified.

— The final round of contestants are neck and neck after the talent portion of the beauty pageant.

— My colleague and I are neck and neck in sales with three more days left in the quarter.


  • dead heat
  • photo finish

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