Idiom:  name names


Idiom:  name names

  • to say the exact name of the person who is doing something wrong

Example sentences

— I don’t know who was smoking in the house this afternoon while I was out but if someone doesn’t name names soon, you’re all going to be punished.

— I didn’t steal that girl’s purse but I know who I did. Sadly, the person is a bully and if I name names it would be much worse than the punishment I’m currently receiving.

— Our fraternity pledge makes us promise we'll never name names about anything.

— The police chief has just announced a $10,000 reward for anyone who will name names about the shooting.

— I really don't want to name names, but Earl was the person who pulled the fire alarm.

— Sorry, but if I didn't name names I would have been suspended and lost my scholarship.

— My parents forced me to name names but I lied.

— Either someone name names, or everyone gets detention.

— I'm not going to name names but someone on the third floor clogged the toilet...again.

— Sarah threatened to name names about the birthday party prank. She's such a jerk.


  • name and shame
  • give a dog a bad name

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