Idiom:  more than someone bargained for


Idiom:  more than someone bargained for

  • to get something in addition to what was expected
  • something different than you expected, especially something worse

Example sentences

— I tried to have a baby for three years but when I got pregnant with triplets it was much more than I bargained for.

— Owning a house sounded great but now that I have to pay insurance, mow the lawn and fix repairs myself, I realize it's more than I bargained for

— Getting a rescue dog was more then we bargained for—his previous owners abused him and we're not sure he'll ever trust us.

— Renting an apartment with my brother is a lot more than I bargained forhe never helps clean and eats my food.

— Volunteering as a chaperone at my daughter's school trip to Washington DC was a lot more than I had bargained for—some of the kids were smoking and drinking alcohol, among other things.

— Doing my boss's laundry and running errands was more than I had bargained for, so I quit after just a week.

— When you ask me to watch your kids for a few hours I never expected it to be all night. This is way more than I'd bargain for!

— We're afraid your request for unpaid leave is more than we'd bargained for. We couldn't have imagined you'd use the time to work for our competitor.

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