Idiom:  melt away


Idiom:  melt away

  • to disappear or fade away gradually as if it is melting

Example sentences

— The moon melted away into the thick clouds.

— After my mom stopped taking her anti-depressant medication the pounds just melted away without dieting at all.

— Over time, the anger that I felt towards my husband for cheating on me melted away, and we were able to repair our marriage.

— After the snow melted away, we found my son's favorite stuffed animal in our front yard.

— Listening to 432 Hz music helps melt the stress away while I study.

— The tension started to melt away as soon as the masseuse turned down the light and lit a candle.

— I was furious that my dog chewed up my iPhone case but when she licked my face, the anger just melted away.

— Our son's disappointment of not getting into Princeton will melt away with time.


  • peter out
  • fade away

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