Idiom:  me, too


Idiom:  me, too

  • and I am also
  • I would also
  • I have also

This idiom is used to show agreement with a statement.

Example sentences

— A: “I ride my bike to work every day evening when it’s raining.” B: “Really? Me, too!”

— A: “I hate sitting through Professor Watkin’s lectures.”  B:  “Me too.  He's so boring.”

— A: "It may sound weird but I eat peanut butter and mayo."  B: "Are you serious? Me, too!"

— A: "I need to study tonight."  B: "Me, too. Let's catch up tomorrow."

— A: "I've been dating Jeremy Jones for two month." B: "OMG, what? Me, too."

— A: "Purple is my favorite color, followed by magenta." B: "Me, too."

— A: "I would do anything to get back together with you again." B: "Me, too."

— A: "I'm actually from South Carolina."  B: "Me, too. What part?"

— A: "I absolutely hate thunderstorms."  B: "Me, too. My dog freaks out as well."

— The "Me too" movement in the United States, where people share their own experiences of being sexually harassed or assaulted, shows how common these practices are in everyday life.



  • same here
  • same, samesies
  • you and me both
  • that's what I'm talking about


  • me neither

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