Idiom:  man enough (to do something)


Idiom:  man enough (to do something)

  • to be strong or brave enough for something

Example sentences

  • If you were man enough to tell your boss you are worth more money he’d give you a raise.
  • My father started taking me to the shooting range because he doesn’t think I’m man enough to make it in life.
  • Your husband was man enough—and dumb enough—to run into the fire to save the woman's dog when firefighters refused to enter.
  • Why aren't you man enough to kill spiders? This is crazy.
  • Only my wife knows I wasn't man enough to be a policeman and she's happy about it.
  • Our uncle is always man enough to admit his mistakes and apologize.
  • Call me when you're man enough to express your feelings.
  • Do you think he's man enough to work in the mines?
  • I admire him because he's man enough to move so his wife can have a better job than he does.
  • My ex-boyfriend wasn't man enough to break up with me face-to-face so he did it by text message and then blocked me on social media.
  • I thought my son was man enough to be a Navy Seal but he dropped out.
  • I wish I were man enough to jump out of a plane like my friends.


  • risk one's life/neck
  • put one's life/neck on the line
  • have the stomach for something

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