Idiom:  make waves


Idiom:  make waves

  • to shock or upset people by doing something different

Example sentences

  • After Madonna, it was pretty hard to make waves in music.
  • When you go overseas next semester try not to make waves—the world is a dangerous place these days.
  • In my culture, people are encouraged to conform to social norms and not make waves.
  •  I finally quit my job because I was constantly being accused of making waves for simply speaking up at staff meetings and taking credit for the good work that I did.
  • My son is very outspoken and is always making waves at school.
  • Lady Gaga made waves when she first came out as an artist wearing a meat dress and other outlandish costumes.
  • In the 1960s, civil rights advocates made waves through massive boycotts and protests in the United States.
  • In order to make waves, people today have to do really extraordinary things.
  • My assistant made waves at the office wearing blackface at Halloween and management is not sure how to handle the situation.
  • Try not to make waves your first week on the job.


  • stir up trouble

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