Idiom:  make up something


Idiom:  make up something

  • to form part of something or a group

Note:  This idiom can also mean to create a story or tell a lie about something: click here for that meaning of the idiom.

Example sentences

  • The four of us make up a string quartet and we play at area hospitals, nursing homes and private parties.
  • Our networking group is made up of a variety of entrepreneurs, consultants and people who are interested in working for themselves.
  • The seniors make up such a strong relay team and I think it's going to be a different story next year after they graduate.
  • Have you every noticed they always have just one minority to make up the pop boy bands?
  • Yes, and I've also noticed that together they make up really successful bands while they rarely succeed as solo singers.
  • In the afternoon session, let's the divide the participants and make up 5-6 smaller discussion groups.
  • Each retirement community is made up of three tower apartments, 25-30 single-family homes, two clubhouses with recreation facilities, a small grocery store and a medical center.
  • This television series is made up of 87 episodes across four seasons.
  • Christians make up about 2.3 percent of India's population.

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