Idiom:  Make someone’s day


Idiom:  make someone’s day

  • to make someone very happy

Example sentences

— My father sent my mother flowers and it really made her day.

— If you come to visit me at work today it will make my day.

— After all the hard work I'd put in, getting an A+ on my paper really made my day.

— Thank you so much. It really makes my day when I wake up and you've already prepared the kids' lunches.

— My boss made my day when he highlighted my contributions to the report in front of the board of directors.

— The entire morning was so busy I hadn't had a chance to have breakfast so it really made my day when my assistant brought me a Starbucks cappuccino and chocolate croissant.

— If you could dry clean my dress by six o'clock this evening it would really make my day.

— Waking up early this morning and seeing a beautiful sunrise has already made my day.  Maybe I should wake up early more often.

— I hired a business coach to help me figure out a variety of little things that can help make my staff members' days.

— When we say that the Chicks came out with a new album it really made our day!

— Listen, this news is going to make your day: Sarah got engaged last night.

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