Idiom:  make a killing


Idiom:  make a killing

  • to earn a lot of money very quickly

Example sentences

  • My brother thought he could make a killing selling CDs on the Internet but MP3 digital downloads became popular and no one wanted CDs anymore.
  • You could make a killing selling your artwork at the Ann Arbor Art Fair.
  • People who invested in Bitcoin early on have made a killing.
  • The chances of making a killing with the lottery are slim.
  • My sister makes a killing as a bartender but I hate that kind of work.
  • You can make a killing babysitting if you don't declare that income on your taxes.
  • If you want to make a killing become a surgeon, law firm partner or stockbroker.
  • With your looks and height you could make a killing as a fashion model.
  • There's a toddler who's making a killing simply playing with toys on his YouTube channel.
  • You could make a killing as a stripper if you want money that badly.
  • I made a killing in sales but I had to work all the time.


  • rake in
  • clean up
  • strike gold
  • make a fast/quick buck
  • strike it rich/lucky

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