Idiom:  make a case (for something)


Idiom:  make a case (for something)

  • to make an argument for something or explain why it should be done

Example sentences

— I’m meeting with my boss this morning and I’m going to make a case for some extra workers since we have several new clients.

— Our children made a good case for an increase in their allowance so we're giving them an extra $25 each week.

— The prosecution failed to make a case for a murder conviction so the defendant will be tried on manslaughter charges instead.

— My children made a good case for getting a rescue dog so we adopted one from our local shelter last month.

— You could make a case for providing free healthcare to everyone as a basic human right.

— My assistant made a case for providing free healthy snacks to improve morale at the office and it's been very successful.

— My professor said I didn't make a case for my argument because I didn't have empirical data to support my conclusion.

— We have tried to make a case for educating girls and boys about contraceptives but many parents insist on abstinence-only sex education.

— You have failed to make a case for us to support this project so we are unable approve your request for funding at this time.

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