Idiom:  lose face


Idiom:  lose face

  • to do something which makes you appear weak and makes you less respected or admired by others

Example sentences

— President Trump may lose face with his supporters if he doesn't fulfill his campaign promise to build the wall.

— We lost face with our gymnastics coach after he discovered us smoking behind the school.

— We went ahead with the reception even though we couldn't afford it because we didn't want to lose face with our clients.

— If we don't launch the product by the 15th of the month, we're going to lose face in this industry so we have to find a way to get the work done.

— I didn't want to fight but if I didn't I would have lost face with the other guys on the football team.

— Teens will do a lot of stupid things in order not to lose face with their peers.


  • save face

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