Idiom:  live on the edge


Idiom:  live on the edge

  1. to be very poor; 
  2. to be in a difficult and uncertain situation that could be dangerous

Example sentences

— Since he lost his job he's been living on the edge and has decided to move back to his parents' house.

— Her boyfriend is an amateur race car driver who really lives on the edge

— Since I have more than $100,000 in student loan debt I'm actually living on the edge even though I have a job finance.

— When I was doing drugs I was constantly living on the edge.

— Living on the edge didn’t seem to bother my husband but it really negatively affected my health  because always worried about how we were going to pay our rent.

— I lived on the edge using cash advances to pay one credit card with another until I finally found a job three months after graduation.

— When I was modeling and living with other young people New York City really felt like I was living on the edge and didn’t have much control over my life.

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