Idiom:  leave something alone


Idiom:  leave something alone

  •  to not touch something
  •  to not interact or get involved with something

Example sentences

— Please leave the cake alone—after it cools I’m going to decorate it with icing.

— If you want your investments to grow, just leave them alone and they will earn you a good profit in the long run.

— The internet's down but just leave it alone a few hours before you call anyone and it might come back on.

— Bobby, leave that boy's scooter alone please.

— I told your husband to leave the thermostat alone but the temperature was set to 77 again last night.

— Just leave the bags by the door alone. I'll unpack them later.

— Excuse me, sir.  Please ask your children to leave the crystal figurines alone—you'll be charged if anything's broken.

— I really wish people would leave the copier alone if they're not prepared to clear paper jams or refill the paper tray.

— I've applied a topical solution to the area—please leave it alone for the next 24 hours.


  • let go of something
  • take one's hands off something
  • let something be

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