Idiom:  lean on someone/something


Idiom:  lean on someone/something

  1.  to depend on someone/something
  2.  to try to pressure or force someone to do something

Example sentences

— Good friends are people you can lean on when you’re sad and lonely.

— I’m trying to be supportive but my team members are leaning on me too much and they need to be able to do some things by themselves.

— When I was a young mother with three kids, I had to lean on my relatives a lot.

— I'll miss you mom.  You were always there when I needed someone to lean on.

— The director had to lean on the managers to get production back up to the right pace.

— I feel like my girlfriend is leaning on me to ether move in together or get married.

— You need to lean on the tenant if their rent is two month's past due.

— My boss hates conflict so he asked me to lean on the cleaning staff to do a better job.

— My constituents are leaning on me to vote "no" on the proposed legislation.


1. depend on someone/something

  • count on
  • have faith in
  • swear by
  • have every confidence in someone
  • bank on

2. pressure someone to do something

  • crack the whip
  • drag someone into something
  • force someone's hand
  • put a gun to someone's head
  • pin someone down

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Lean on Me - Song by Bill Withers

Bill Withers uses this idiom in his famous song, "Lean on me."  It's a great classic. Check it out.

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