Idiom:  leaf through something


Idiom:  leaf through something

  • to turn the pages of a book, magazine or other written material briefly looking at the pages

Example sentences

— When I was waiting for the doctor, I leafed through several magazines and found an interesting article about traveling by train through Switzerland.

— I only had time to leaf through the report but I’ll take a careful look at it this evening when I’m at home.

— I cannot believe the idiots who leaf through those horrid tabloid magazines while waiting in line at the grocery store.

— I'm so bored I'm leafing through the airline's in-flight magazine.

— Most people just leaf through that catalog and select a calendar from there.

— My husband found a $100 bill when he was leafing through a brochure at the bank.

— Why don't you leaf through that magazine and see if there's a hairstyle you like.

— Perhaps you should actually read the book this semester instead of leafing through it.

— Please leaf through these brochures now and we'll discuss everything tomorrow in-depth.

— I was leafing through a magazine at the grocery stored check out and saw my college roommate in a perfume ad.


  • flip through
  • thumb through
  • skip through
  • flick through
  • page through
  • cast your eye over something

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