Idiom:  lay off (something)


Idiom:  lay off (something)

  • to stop doing or using something

Example sentences

  • If you’re on a diet, I suggest you lay off the potato chips.
  • I’m going to lay off going to the gym until my knee feels better.
  • I really need to lay off alcohol for awhile.  I've been going out and getting drunk far too often.
  • Lay off the cookies. I made those for our guests who are coming tomorrow.
  • You really need to lay off watching the news so much. You look and sound so depressed and I'm tired of hearing all the negative stories.
  • I can't believe my boyfriend told me to lay off sending him text messages.  I only send him 20-25 messages a day.
  • Ironically, I have so much more energy since I laid off drinking coffee.
  • I would lay off contacting your ex-wife or she might take out a restraining order against you.
  • My doctor said I have pre-diabetes. He told me to lay off sugar and come back for new blood tests in three months.


  • give up something
  • give something a rest
  • call something quits

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