Idiom:  know where you stand


Idiom:  know where you stand

  • to have a clear understanding of a situation or what someone thinks
  • to know what is expected of you

Example sentences

— I hate working for my new boss because I never know where I stand with him.

— This program is amazing because it tracks all the calories you consume each day so you know exactly where you stand.

— If John hasn't called you in three weeks since your second date, I think you do know where you stand with him.

— Once we arrive in Turkey and get an apartment, we'll know where we stand in terms of the monthly income we'll need.

— I wish I knew where I stood with my English teacher. I want to ask her for a letter of recommendation but I'm really not sure she'd give a very good one.

— Where does the candidate stand on the issues of climate change and equal pay?

— Sometimes living abroad is difficult. With different cultures it's often hard to know where you stand.

— I don't know exactly where I stand with my boyfriend's mother but overall, it's not a very positive situation.

— My mother-in-law doesn't like me either but at least I know where she stands so I don't waste time or energy trying to please her.


  • have a finger on the pulse
  • be wise to something

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