Idiom:  kiss something goodbye


Idiom:  kiss something goodbye

  • to lose something you have or no longer be able to get something

Example sentences

— After your baby is born, you can just kiss a good night's sleep goodbye.

— I can’t wait till we can kiss this winter snow goodbye; I’m ready for spring weather!

— When my girlfriend and I broke up on unfriendly terms, I had to kiss a lot of our common friends goodbye.

— I was so relieved to kiss constant traveling goodbye after I stopped working in sales.

— If you don't get better grades this semester you can kiss your mobile phone goodbye.

— I'll be glad when we graduate and can kiss final exams goodbye.

— Once I stopped procrastinating, I was able to kiss all-night studying goodbye.

— My husband used to be able to eat whatever he wanted and not gain weight but even he's kissed his fast metabolism goodbye

— My friends and I used to party all night but we kissed those drunken escapades goodbye after we entered the working world.

— You better show your boyfriend some appreciation soon or he's going to kiss your relationship  goodbye.

— Kiss your future goodbye if you keep maxing out your credit cards.

— If you don't start arriving on time for work you can kiss your promotion goodbye.


  • slip away
  • wave something goodbye

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