Idiom:  kiss and make up


Idiom:  kiss and make up

  • to be friendly again after having an argument for disagreement

Example sentences

  • The best part of an argument is kissing and making up.
  • I wish you would stop arguing and kiss and make up—life is too short to be mad at each other for stupid little things.
  • I thought we were going to break up but my girlfriend decided to kiss and make up.
  • If you kiss and make up with your girlfriend again after what she's done to you, don't complain to me about her ever again.
  • When the director told me to kiss and make up with my boss I told him to stop sexually harassing me and he apologized for the joke.
  • I think my parents actually fight as an excuse to kiss and make up.
  • My wife will only kiss and make up if there's a gift involved.
  • That's the last time that I'm going to kiss and make up because nothing ever changes in this relationship.
  • After that blow out argument they'll never kiss and make up.


  • settle one's differences
  • sort something out
  • hold out the olive branch
  • let bygones be bygones
  • make a peace offering
  • make peace
  • smoke the peace pipe
  • wipe slate clean
  • bury the hatchet
  • patch up

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