Idiom:  kick the habit


Idiom:  kick the habit

  • to overcome an addiction to something, especially to stop smoking cigarettes or using drugs

Example sentences

  • She kicked the habit a year ago but then she gained 20 lbs, which is common when smokers stop smoking.
  • If you kick the habit, your risk for many types of cancer will decrease dramatically. 
  • Just "wanting" to kick the habit is not enough because drugs interact with the brain and extremely powerful ways.
  • I was able to kick the habit by using a nicotine patch and running, run which gave my body natural endorphins.
  • Heroin addicts should absolutely kick the habit under medical supervision in a detox center rather than by themselves.
  • It was really difficult to kick the habit of asking my parents for money whenever I had trouble but now it feels great be financially independent.
  • I used to drink at happy hour and on the weekends, but when I started drinking alcohol at lunch, I realized I needed to kick the habit.


  • call it quits
  • cut it out
  • get on the wagon
  • quit cold turkey

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