Idiom:  kick off something


Idiom:  kick off something

  • to start something

Example sentences

— They kicked off the meeting with a fun ice-breaking activity so everyone could get to know each other.

— We’re going to kick the festival off with a 10K race to benefit charity.

— There will be a series of premiers to kick off the film.

— How shall we kick off my book tour?

— Can you get an estimate on the cost of drinks for 25 people? We'll have a cocktail hour to kick the holiday party off this year.

— We should've done something special to kick the seminar off and it was a big mistake.

— How about we kick off the meeting with a video presentation of all of the award nominees?

— Each year they kick off the Rose Bowl with a huge parade.

— Are you doing anything special to kick off the New Year?

— Let's kick off the class with a fun game.

— I'm going to kick off my retirement with a trip to the Bahamas.

Fashion week will kick off with a party at Grace Mansion.

— The businessman gave a short speech to kick off his campaign to become a Congressman.


  • start off
  • set something in motion
  • get things rolling
  • get under way
  • get the show on the road
  • embark upon/on

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