Idiom:  kick back


Idiom:  kick back

  • to relax and not do much of anything

Example sentences

  • When I go on vacation I prefer going around to see things but my husband only wants to kick back on the beach and relax.
  • Thanks for watching the safety demonstration. Now kick back, relax and enjoy the flight.
  • All my ex-boyfriend wanted to do was kick back and smoke weed. I got tired of it and broke up with him.
  • A:  "Any fun plans this weekend?"  B: "Nope. I'm just going to kick back and sleep."
  • You can kick back and relax over here. We'll help you right after this customer.
  • Now that exams are over I'm going to kick back for a week before starting my summer job at the mall.
  • I miss the days before I had kids when I could kick back in the evenings.
  • Shouldn't you be writing your paper instead of kicking back watching television?
  • I'm jealous my brothers get to kick back while my parents make me do the cooking and cleaning around the house.


  • lounge around
  • veg out
  • chill out
  • bum around
  • put your feet up
  • take it easy

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