Idiom:  Keep up to date


Idiom:  keep up to date

  • to continue giving or adding the most relevant information
  • to stay informed about the most recent trends or developments

It's also common to say "stay up to date" or "remain up to date."  It's also used to say "be up to date," "get up to date" or "bring up to date"  when something needs to become current or aligned with the latest information or standards.

Example sentences

— I’d appreciate it if you'd keep me up to date on your wedding plans.

— Whenever we get a new booking we add it to the calendar so we can keep up to date.

— We are a bit worried so please keep us up to date as you travel through Africa.

— Slack is a fantastic cloud-based collaboration tool that allows our entire sales team to keep each other up to date.

— We need to get organized. Had we been able to keep each other up to date, we wouldn't have duplicated so much work. 

— Please keep us better up to date on your progress with initial contacts to foundations so we can assist you with introductions where possible.  

— Don't worry, I've been keeping our client up to date on the latest government reporting requirements as they are announced.

— I suggest you sign up for Google Alerts. It's the best way to keep up to date on issues which are important to your industry.

— These figures don’t look right. Can you make sure they are correct and then keep them up to date?

— It’s important to keep your software up to date so that you are protected against new viruses.

— Have you been keeping our partners up to date on the registration numbers?


  • stay current
  • be in the know
  • stay in the loop
  • keep abreast of

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