Idiom:  keep someone posted


Idiom:  keep someone posted

  • to update or tell someone whatever new is happening about a situation

Example sentences

  • Please keep your mother and I posted during your trip and send us text messages each time you travel to a new city.
  • I will keep everyone posted about the event through Twitter and Facebook.
  • We need someone to keep us posted on the status of enrollments. Any volunteers?
  • I prefer driving using the Google Map App because it keeps me posted on traffic delays.
  • My son would be very interested in working here. Can you keep me posted on any future job openings?
  • Did you know you can set up Google Alerts that will keep you posted on new results that match the topic you search on?
  • Could you keep us posted on new home listings in the Kentlands development?
  • I'll keep you posted during our drive up so you'll know exactly when we'll arrive.


  • let someone know
  • keep someone up to date
  • report back

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