Idiom:  keep quiet about something


Idiom:  keep quiet about something

  • to not tell anyone about something
  • to keep something secret

Example sentences

— Yes, I knew they were getting divorced months ago but they asked me to keep quiet about it.

— Since this is very personal, promise that you will keep quiet about it.

— I never should've kept quiet about my roommate's eating disorder. She's now in intensive care with heart problems.

 You can trust my assistant to keep quiet about anything. She's also signed a confidentiality agreement just in case.

— I found out accidentally two months ago but I kept quiet about your pregnancy.

— My husband was supposed to keep quiet about my cancer diagnosis but he told everyone.

— I would keep quiet about your medical problems until you've been with your boyfriend for awhile. You need to make sure he will keep the information private.

— Do you really think we can trust your mother to keep quiet about the surprise party?

— I should've kept quiet about my diet because now everyone keeps asking me why I want to lose weight.

— If I tell you a secret can you keep quiet about it?

— Why did you tell my mom I had a boyfriend? You promised to keep quiet about it!


  • keep mum
  • mums the word
  • keep something under wraps
  • keep something under your hat
  • keep something to yourself
  • keep your mouth shut
  • not breathe a word

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