Idiom:  leave / keep one’s options open


Idiom:  leave / keep one’s options open

  • to wait further before making a choice

Example sentences

— I made a reservation at the Hilton Hotel but we’re keeping our options open and looking for a better rate somewhere else.

— I wish I’d kept my options open and didn’t take the first job offer I got.

— I'm leaving my options open regarding investments after talking to an expert.

— You've been accepted to 10 medical schools. It's not fair to keep that many options open while others are anxious to get into just one school.

— I invited Sarah to prom but she told me she was keeping her options open!

— The airlines may strike in France again this year so let's leave our options open this time.

— 'm glad I left my options open about returning to work because my husband was laid off a week into my maternity leave.

— You're only 19 years old. Perhaps you should keep your options open instead of getting engaged this young.

— Most students keep their options open the first year and then select a major during their sophomore year.


  • see which way the wind blows/is blowing
  • wait and see

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