Idiom:  keep an ear out


Idiom:  keep an ear out (for someone/something)

  • to actively try to hear something

Example sentences

— In looking for a new job so please keep an ear out for any positions that may become available.

— Can you please keep an ear out for the doorbell?  I have a package coming and I need to sign for the delivery.

— We need to keep an ear out for the delivery truck. They won't leave the package without a signature.

— I was keeping an ear out for your call but unfortunately my phone was on silent.

— Can you keep an ear out for the ice cream truck? I promised my kids I'd buy them something today.

— I kept an ear out during the speech but I never heard any reference to any new recycling requirements.

— Can you please keep an ear out for the door? I'm expecting a luncheon delivery.


  • keep an eye out

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