Idiom:  keep abreast of something


Idiom:  stay / keep abreast of something

  • to make sure you have the most recent and important information about something

Example sentences

— When you decide what countries you are going to visit, please let me know because I'd like to keep abreast of your travels.

— For my work it's really important for me to stay abreast of emerging YouTube talent whom we may offer social media influencer opportunities.

— Please keep us abreast of this research. We may want to invest in it later if there are any positive developments.

— My dad has been in the hospital for two days and they are running tests. We'll keep you abreast of the situation.

— Our reporter is staying abreast of the political situation in Turkey and we'll be doing a special report closer to their elections.

— I'm working for a policy research organization so I need to keep abreast of all the legislation related to refugees.

— We'll keep you abreast weekly of the recruiting efforts and give you the short-list of candidates in three months once we've scheduled interviews.

— I stay abreast of texting and internet slang so I know what my children are saying.

— Have you been keeping abreast of the negotiations for the new trade agreement?

— I have not been keeping abreast of the latest iPhone innovations. Have you?

— My sister uses Pinterest and Instagram to keep abreast of designer trends.


  • do your homework
  • nose around/into
  • keep your ears open
  • check up on

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