Idiom:  keep a straight face


Idiom:  keep a straight face

  • to keep one's face expressionless and not smile, laugh, etc.

Example sentences

— When the speaker kept criticizing my professor it was hard for us to keep a straight face.

— I had to keep a straight face while my six year-old sister told me about breaking up with her "boyfriend" but I laughed about it with our mom afterwards. 

— It's hard to keep a straight face when you're yelling like a crazy person.

— kept a straight face but I was furious when my mother-in-law told everyone my son doesn't like my cooking.

— Everybody was able to keep a straight face during our class on reproductive health except Jennifer who giggled throughout.

— My family tried to keep a straight face when my little sister came out wearing my mom's lingerie.

— We tried but no one could keep a straight face when the Prime Minister farted loudly.

— How can you keep a straight face when customers lie so blatantly?

— No one could keep a straight face when our boss took credit for our idea for the fundraiser.

— I was keeping a straight face while my boss was yelling at us until my coworker kicked me and I burst out laughing.

 Whatever you do, keep a straight face during the presentation.

 I tried to keep a straight face while my roommate lied about eating my leftover pizza.

 Somehow my father kept a straight face when my boyfriend confessed he'd just gotten out of rehab for heroin addiction.


  • keep one's cool
  • wear a straight face
  • wear/have a poker face
  • keep a stiff upper lip
  • not bat an eyelid

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