Idiom:  just now


Idiom:  just now

  • a short time ago
  • at this moment

Note:  This expression about time can refer to the recent past or the present.  It's an expression that's not exact but something that is happening close to now (a little before now or right now).

Example sentences

— Just now on the news they announced there was a terrible earthquake in Japan.

— A:  "I'm so sorry to keep you waiting?"  B:  "Don't worry, I arrived just now."

— The boy band is arriving just now so let's try to get a selfie with them!

— We sat down to dinner just now. Could you call me back in 30 minutes please?

— I'm sorry but I'm busy just now. Perhaps Shelly could help you find the document.

— I was going to go for a run but just now it started raining.

— Can you believe it? Just now my boss asked me to stay late so I'm going to miss happy hour this evening.

— I know my husband told you to stop by but it's not a good time just now because his mother was just taken to the hospital.

— Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, we've just now flown into some turbulence so we ask that you return to your seats immediately and fasten your seat belts.

Just now, they announced that Sarah won class President and John Vice President.

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