Idiom:  jump off the deep end


Idiom:   go/ jump off the deep end / jump in at the deep end

  1. to take drastic action or react to something in an irrational or crazy way
  2. to start doing something new or different without thinking carefully about it or without preparation
  3. to fall deeply in love with someone
  4. to become very angry with someone

Note:  This idiom alludes to the deep end of the pool where the water is the deepest.

Example sentences

— Don’t jump off the deep end and move from this apartment just because you saw one little mouse.

— I wish I hadn't jumped in at the deep end and quit my job just because I didn't like my new boss.

— Our son jumped off the deep end and married a much older woman he just met two month's ago.

— After my husband hit me in front of the kids, I knew it was time to finally jump in at the deep end and leave.

— I dreamed about working for myself for six years and never would have started my business if I hadn't decided to go off the deep end and quit my job.

— Uh-oh. My coworker is really upset and I hope he doesn't jump in at the deep end and do something stupid.

— Mom's going to go off the deep end when she sees you've eaten part of the cake she made for Sarah's birthday party tonight.

— It's not that I'm jealous or not happy for you. It's just hard to listen to you when you've gone off the deep end about the last five guys you've dated.


take drastic action / do something without thinking or preparing:

  • throw somebody in the deep end
  • take the plunge
  • throw one's hat in the ring

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