Idiom:  jump all over someone


Idiom:  jump all over someone

  • to severely criticize, blame or accuse someone

Example sentences

  • When I was 15 minutes late coming home, my dad jumped all over me and searched my purse.
  • Don’t jump all over me just because I disagree with you.
  • I cannot believe how Jonathan jumped all over Jessica at the staff meeting. It was so unprofessional.
  • The customer jumped all over the sales person when she said it was too late for the item to be returned.
  • My professor jumped all over another student for being absent for three days but felt awful when he understood it was because her mother was in a serious accident.
  • You have a terrible habit of jumping all over everyone before you get the facts and it's demoralizing the team.
  • Don't jump all over me just because I have to work late. You're also capable of cooking dinner.
  • Everyone jumped all over the airline representative when they found out the flight was canceled after they'd been kept waiting for three hours.


  • give (someone) a tongue-lashing
  • chew (someone) out
  • give somebody hell
  • rake (someone) over the coals
  • point the finger (at someone)

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