Idiom:  join hands (with someone)


Idiom:  join hands (with someone)

  • to clasp hands with another
  • to put your hand around someone else's hand

Example sentences

— I love it at church when we join hands and wish each other peace.

— When the minister asked the bride and groom to join hands, I started to cry with joy.

— At the end of the meeting, we all joined hands with each other and it was a very moving experience.

— My two-year-old daughter and I always join hands when we cross the street.

— At Thanksgiving dinner, we all join hands and pray before the feast.

— When the consultant asked everybody to join hands at the training and meditate for five minutes, my boss became exasperated and left the room.

— My husband and I joined hands with his mother as she lay in the hospital bed and after a few moments, she awoke from the coma.

— Could everyone please join hands with your partner and get in the starting position for the merengue dance?


  • hold hands

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