Idiom:  join forces (with someone)


Idiom:  join forces (with someone)

  • to unite with someone or work together
  • to collaborate to achieve a shared goal

Example sentences

  • We should join forces and go running every day after school to lose weight.
  • Our tennis and lacrosse teams joined forces to fund raise for new uniforms.
  • Everyone on my street joined forces to pick up trash and litter in our neighborhood park.
  • The democrats and independents joined forces to try to form a majority in congress at the midterm elections.
  • We've decided to join forces with several other bars in the neighborhood to organize a pub crawl.
  • Crowdfunding is an excellent way to enable people to join forces to raise money easily for worthy causes.
  • The FBI and local law enforcement joined forces to capture the perpetrators of the terrorist attack.
  • If our marketing and public relations departments joined forces, we could do a lot more of our company's work in-house.


  • do business with
  • team up with
  • get together
  • band together
  • combine forces
  • join with

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