Idiom:  jog one’s memory


Idiom:  jog one’s memory

  • to try to cause someone to remember something

Example sentences

— Does this empty pack of cigarettes jog your memory about your promise to quit smoking?

— I’m trying to jog my memory about where I put my keys.

— Do these receipts jog your memory about some of the other charges on this month's credit card bill?

— When I woke up wearing a tuxedo, I had no idea why until an empty bottle of champagne jogged my memory about my roommate's 21st birthday party.

— I tried to jog my mother's memory of where she parked her car but she had no idea and we had to get a security guard at the mall drive us around until we found it.

— Does the name Samantha Fox jog your memory?  The name sounds so familiar to me.

— A photograph of  an old red barn jogged the victim's memory of the attack.

— Looking through my old yearbook jogged a lot of memories of my high school days.


  • refresh one's memory
  • bring/call something to mind
  • bring back memories

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