Idiom:  iron something out


Idiom:  iron something out (iron out something)

  • to solve the remaining problems or issues

Example sentences

— We need to iron out the travel details for our trip by this weekend.

— I wish my parents could either iron out their differences or just get divorced.

— If we don't iron out the contract by next week, we'll need to pull out of the project.

— The committee ironed out the final agenda within an hour so we decided to break until after lunch.

— Fortunately, we were able to iron out our difficulties with the supplier.

— I thought we had already ironed out the schedule for carpooling.

— My business partner and I were never able to iron out our differences so we just sold the company.

— Has the marketing team ironed out the social media campaign yet?

— The negotiations were successful and now, we only have to iron out a few minor details about the timing of the project.


  • work out
  • work through
  • straighten out
  • agree to

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