Idiom:  iron something out


Idiom:  iron something out (iron out something)

  • to solve the remaining problems or issues

Note: An iron is used to iron out wrinkles (folds) in clothing to make the cloth smooth. In the same way, when you iron something out, you remove any existing wrinkles (problems or issues).

Example sentences

— We need to iron out the travel details for our trip by this weekend.

— I wish my parents could either iron out their differences or just get divorced.

— If we don't iron out the contract by next week, we'll need to pull out of the project.

— The committee ironed out the final agenda within an hour so we decided to break until after lunch.

— Fortunately, we were able to iron out our difficulties with the supplier.

— I thought we had already ironed out the schedule for carpooling.

— My business partner and I were never able to iron out our differences so we just sold the company.

— Has the marketing team ironed out the social media campaign yet?

— The negotiations were successful and now, we only have to iron out a few minor details about the timing of the project.

— Were you able to iron out the talking points for tomorrow's meeting?


  • work out
  • work through
  • straighten out
  • agree to

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