Idiom:  in the same league


Idiom:  in the same league (with/as someone or something)

  • having the same abilities, qualities or achievements as someone or something else

Example sentences

— My girlfriend is really beautiful but she’s not in the same league as a supermodel.

— After I get my bonus, I’ll be earning in the same league as my parents.

— Now that I've got a personal trainer, I'm in the same league as the varsity basket ball players.

— I'm pretending to be in the same league as my colleagues but I'm just leasing this Mercedes and renting a luxury condo.

— After we were featured on CNN, our company was in the same league as the Fortune 500 companies.

— Sorry, but my mother-in-law's cooking is not in the same league as my mother's.

— After she married the prince, she was in the same league with European royalty, which made her isolated and unhappy.

— I hope one day my paintings will be in the same league as the great impressionists.

— Unfortunately, singers these days are not in the same league as the previous greats like Aretha Franklin, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra.

— When I'm in the same league as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, I'm going to give most of my earnings to charity.


  • measure up
  • be on par with
  • cut the mustard
  • fit in with
  • hold a candle to

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