Idiom:  in the neighborhood of something


Idiom:  (somewhere) in the neighborhood of something

  • approximately
  • close to a certain amount

Example sentences

— He must be doing very well. I heard the salary for a partner in his firm is in the neighborhood of $450,000 and that's not including the annual bonus.

— The drive to New York will take somewhere in the neighborhood of five hours if there’s no traffic.

— Did you see Maria at the party? She's lost in the neighborhood of 100 pounds!

— Having a landscape company cut your grass for the summer would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,500.

— If you want to own a yacht you're looking in the neighborhood of at least 20% or more of the original price of the boat to maintain it annually.

— We're renovating our bathroom ourselves since all the estimates we got were in the neighborhood of $20-25,000.

— Going to an Ivy League university will cost you in the neighborhood of $70,000 per year for an undergraduate program.

— You can take a taxi or just walk. The visitor's center is in the neighborhood of 5-6 blocks.

— What do typical junior accountants make at a big firm? Is it in the neighborhood of 6-figures at least?

 Unfortunately, they were asking in the neighborhood of $795,000 for the house and we couldn't match that bid.


  • something like
  • be in the ballpark of
  • more or less
  • in the vicinity

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