Idiom:  in the know


Idiom:  in the know

  • have inside information or know more about something than other people
  • to be well-informed about something

Example sentences

— I recommend you contact my travel agent—she’s always in the know about last-minute specials.

— My hair stylist is in the know because everybody tells him their personal business.

— Our company is going bankrupt so start looking for a job now. Believe me, I heard it from someone who is in the know.

— Ask Cheryl. She's somehow always in the know.

— I follow the same celebrities as my children and consult Urban Dictionary regularly so I'm in the know about the slang they are using.

— I used to be in the know about the best restaurants and clubs in Atlanta but things have changed a lot since I lived there.

— We monitor our employees email so we're definitely in the know about the disgruntled people.

— Is anyone in the know about mom and dad's plans for Christmas? Are they going to Florida?


  • know what's what
  • know the score
  • on top of
  • wise to
  • in the loop
  • up to speed

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