Idiom:  in the end


Idiom:  in the end

  • finally, the final result

Example sentences

— I learned English in the end by getting speaking partners on iTalki and not by going to London to study abroad.

— In the end, we stayed home and watched TV instead of going to the party.

— The plane was delayed 20 minutes but we made up time in flight and arrived on time in the end

— In the end, there were about 50 participants at the meeting so it was a great turn out.

— In the end, Michael was really happy that he went to camp, but the first few days he was so lonely he wanted to come home.

— What happened in the end? I wasn't able to watch the entire series.

— Unfortunately, our product launch wasn't successful. In the end, we didn't even cover the costs of production.

— There was a huge cheating scandal at our local high school and two teachers were fired in the end.

— In the end, we decided to see the movie tomorrow evening because there were only front seats left by the time we got to the theater.

— I learned it was easier to just tell the truth in the end.

— Most people figured out in the end that Sheila had been changing figures in the documents after they were finalized.


  • at last
  • at long last
  • at the end of the day

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