Idiom:  in the cards


Idiom:  in the cards

  • very likely or expected to happen

Example sentences

— I think a promotion will definitely be in the cards if you continue to make your sales targets.

— English fluency is in the cards for you if you use it daily.

— What does your horoscope have in the cards for this month?

— I guess going to an ivy-league university just wasn't in the cards for me. 

— I always wanted to have a family but I wasn’t able to get pregnant so I guess having my own children just wasn’t in the cards for me.

— What makes life exciting is that we never quite know exactly what’s in the cards for us.

— I was always really good at math so I thought that accounting would be in the cards for me but I became a teacher and I love it.

— She has a new boyfriend and he seems pretty nice so hopefully there will finally be some good things in the cards for her.

— I went to a fortuneteller for the first time to see what’s in the cards and she said I’d be pregnant with twins and a single mom when I’m 25 years old!

— My father wanted to become a professional golfer but he couldn’t afford the training and golfing fees so it just wasn’t in the cards.

— I lost my job last week but I’m trying to see this as an opportunity. Who knows, something good may be in the cards.


  • in store
  • to come
  • down the road
  • on the horizon
  • around the corner

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