Idiom:  in someone's face


Idiom:  in someone's face

  • rudely bother or annoy someone
  • trying to provoke someone to argue or fight

Example sentences

  • My older sister is always in my face about doing my chores and homework.
  • The next time that boy gets in your face, scream for the teacher to come but don't hit him.
  • The property manager is in our face if we're even one minute over the 15-minute time limit in the temporary parking spaces in front of the building.
  • I finally had to report my colleague to personnel because he continues to get in my face when we disagree.
  • I was so worried someone would call the police when my boyfriend got in the cashier's face complaining about the how long it was taking.
  • You're in my face again!  I can't talk to you when you're like this. If you want to discuss this further than come back when you calm down.
  • A man got in my face today when we were arguing about a parking space so I just let him have it because I was afraid he would do something crazy.

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