Idiom:  in deep water


Idiom:  in deep water

  • in serious trouble

Example sentences

— I was supposed to finish the report two hours ago but I haven’t even started so I’m in deep water.

— You'll be in deep water soon if you don't stop buying things with credit.

— My brother didn't come home last night so he's in deep water with my parents.

— I missed work again because I had to study for my exam so I'm in deep water and expect to be fired.

— Our on will be in deep water if he doesn't pass his driving test because my husband and I are no longer able drive him to his after school lessons.

— We are in deep water because we accidentally left the fence unlocked and our dog dug up our neighbor's garden.

— Every single semester you're in deep water at final exams. Why do you always wait to study at the last minute?

— My assistant is in deep water because she didn't make my plane reservations and now the ticket prices are outside of the budget.

— We're in deep water because we didn't file our taxes last year and my wife said we just got a notice from the IRS.


  • in hot water
  • up the creak
  • in a tight spot
  • in a pickle

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