Idiom:  in conjunction with


Idiom:  in conjunction with (someone/something)

  • working together with someone or something

Example sentences

— We’re doing this conference in conjunction with our local trade association.

— If you use this facial scrub and cleanser in conjunction with this moisturizer, your acne and blemishes will clear up within a few weeks.

— We are sponsoring the 10k run in conjunction with a local bakery and sports store. Runners will get free breakfast after the race as well as discounts on sports apparel.

— Last year, we worked in conjunction with the fire department to demonstrate how to fit baby safety seats in cars.

— After surgery, you'll be working in conjunction with a nutritionist to ensure you follow a healthy diet as you continue your weight loss.

— We work in conjunction with physical therapy and psychiatric practices in our building to provide comprehensive care for our patients.

— It's imperative you take this medication in conjunction with food to prevent stomach upset.

— Both the House and Senate need to work in conjunction with the president in order to pass legislation.


  • together with
  • jointly with
  • along with

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