Idiom:  in charge (of someone/something)


Idiom:  in charge (of someone/something)

  • to have control over someone or something and be responsible for it (and its performance)

Example sentences

  • This is Maria. She’s in charge of ordering supplies so please let her know what you need.
  • Can you please tell me who is in charge of hiring?  I would like to apply for a job. 
  • Hello, I'd like to speak to the person who's in charge of your billing department please?
  • The one thing that I don't like about this job is being in charge of the Christmas party so I've asked my supervisor if someone else could do it from now on.
  • Do you know who's in charge of the annual conference this year?
  • When I worked for Lego, I was in charge of managing their product testing.
  • I see on your CV that you worked as a manager at Microsoft.  Can you tell me about that position and how many employees you were in charge of?
  • Are you in charge here? I want to complain about one of your sales people.
  • No one wants to be in charge of social media here so they keep trying to make need do that work.


  • in control
  • responsible for
  • at the helm

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