Idiom:  in bulk


Idiom:  in bulk

  • in large quantity

Example sentences

— We always buy cereal, toilet paper and cleaning supplies in bulk to save money.

— I'm sorry, but we only sell these particular items in bulk.

— If you join Costco or Sam's Club, you can get deep discounts by buying goods in bulk.

— I don't buy things in bulk anymore because when I go into these warehouse stores, I usually buy too much of things that I don't even need.

— My sister buys cosmetics in bulk from other sellers on eBay and then resells the items individually.

— Do you know where I can buy little jewelry boxes in bulk? I just started making my own jewelry and would like to give them away as gifts.

— We buy all of our paper goods in bulk but buy our fruits and vegetables at the Farmers Market.

— I would love to buy things in bulk but now that we live in an apartment we don't have the space store things.

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