Idiom:  in broad daylight


Idiom: in broad daylight

  • in a way or place that anyone can see what’s happening
  • publicly so anyone can see

Example sentences

— The kids threw eggs at the car in broad daylight but surprisingly no one saw them.

— Another person was caught bathing naked in the fountain in broad daylight so I don't take my kids to that park anymore. 

— Did you see on the news that my son's teacher was caught having sex with another student in a car in broad daylight?

— That part of town has gotten really scary. You can even see people doing drugs on the streets in broad daylight.

— We were surprised and concerned to see prostitutes on the streets in Geneva in broad daylight until our tour guide explained that prostitution is legal there.

— Tonight our city council will address the rise in robberies occurring downtown in broad daylight.

— Sorry but you're going to have to play inside this afternoon. Our neighbors saw a raccoon running around in broad daylight and we're concerned it may have rabies.

— Washington DC has so many rats running around in broad daylight. It's scary—they used to come out only in the evening.

— There's a real problem with drug dealing in this area. Since everything is happening in broad daylight, we really need to have a higher police presence during the day.

— The thief stole my bicycle from in front of the grocery store in broad daylight but no one noticed.


  • in full view
  • out in the open

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