Idiom:  in any case


Idiom:  in any case

  • whatever the situation is or will be
  • no matter what happens

Example sentences

— It’s supposed to rain this weekend but we’re going to clean the house in any case, even if it’s the most beautiful day of the summer.

— We're driving to the meet in any case, so you're welcome to ride with us.

— It would be great to have a staff social event outside of the office.  It could be a picnic or barbecue but in any case please make sure to consult the team about their preferences.

— We're free all weekend so we could meet you on Friday or Saturday. In any case, we would be really happy to see you when you have time.

— I don't know the exact date that I'll be in France but in any case, I'll let you know as soon as I get my ticket.

— It may rain but we're going to our cabin in any case. We just need to get out of the city for a few days and we can relax in front of fireplace playing games, watching movies and reading.

— Our neighbors forgot to invite my brother to the party but they shouldn't feel badly because he wouldn't have wanted to go in any case since his girlfriend was over.

— In any case, if you forget to pack anything you can buy it during the trip.

— I know I don't have to be at the meeting tomorrow but I'm going in any case.


  • either way
  • whatever happens
  • no matter what
  • in any event
  • at any rate

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